4 Great Batman Tattoos for Movie Fans

Whether it’s the original Bob Kane and Bill Finger comic series or the Christopher Nolan movies, the Batman series has had a tremendous impact on popular culture for decades. So what better way to show your appreciation for the series than with a Tattoo?

The Batman series, with its dark, surrealist milieu, offers a lot of inspiration for people who like serious, pop-culture inspired tattoos. The Gothic-like themes of most Batman tattoos offer a lot visual styles that often compliment the artistic tastes of many fans of the series. So if you’re a fan of Gotham’s Dark Knight, and you like Gothic-inspired tattoos, then here are 4 awesome tattoo styles that you might want to try.

Gothic Batman Tattoo

Gothic Batman Tattoo

Let’s face it. The Batman series has always had a very Gothic theme. So if you want a tattoo that truly captures the essence of Batman then this Neo-Gothic style tattoo may just be the one you’re looking for. Not only does it look like a Charcoal drawing, it also helps to bring together the mystique and majesty of Batman onto your skin.

This particular Tattoo may be applied on any part of your body, but looks particularly awesome on the upper limbs. The dark, ominous design of the tattoo makes it a good symbol of masculinity, while the general charcoal-like style makes it look genuinely artistic compared to most other types of tattoos.

Grinning Joker Tattoo

Batman Joker face Tattooideal tattoo for people’s back who are drawn to the series’ villains.

The only downside, however, is that because of its size, the tattoo is mainly compatible with the torso. Despite this limitation though, the highly detailed design of the Joker’s evil grin makes this image one of the best pop-culture tattoos around.

Realistic Batman Logo

Realistic Batman logo TAttoo

A good Batman tattoo doesn’t always have to feature the characters. Sometimes, the Bat symbol on the chest is more than enough to make an impressive visual symbol. This particular tattoo depicts a well illustrated Bat symbol underneath torn pieces of flesh, giving it a very surreal appearance, particularly in light of its very realistic rendition. Also, the tattoo helps to emphasize the secret, dual nature of Batman/Bruce Wayne, which makes it a great symbol for those who enjoy the esoteric symbolism of the Batman series.

Unfortunately, because of its rather unique design, this tattoo is only suitable for the chest, which means that you can only get this if you have a lot of empty space on your upper torso.

Batman Quote Tattoo

Batman Quote Tattoo

The Batman series has its fair share of quotable quotes, and some of these quotes can become great looking tattoos. These particular tattoos were inspired by Christopher Nolan’s movies, and they help to define a lot of what Batman stands for. More importantly, however, these quotes also teach a lot of great life lessons, so their value goes beyond pop culture reference.

Like most text tattoos, these Batman quotes may be placed on almost any part of the body, making them very versatile and easy to apply. They also give you something inspirational to have on your skin.

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